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The Johnston Insurance Group - brokers since 1948

In todays fast moving digital world there are only two types of businesses

The Quick & The Dead

Let The Johnston Insurance Group help you to be among The Quick!

When we say "One and Done" we mean it

When we say "High Tech High Touch" we mean it

When we say "We Mean Business" we mean it

Guaranteed  Every Time

  We have been in business since 1948

What is most important is what have we done for you TODAY

 Everyday - Every Time - Guaranteed


The Johnston Advantage

One and Done

You call for ID Cards - Certificates - Policy Information - Claim Reporting - Quick Quotes

You name it, it's done the same day, every day

High Tech - High Touch

We have the digital power to make your insurance life enjoyable - All policies directly emailed to you within 30 days.  Email and texts answered immediately BUT when you need a real live insurance professional to meet personally or have a phone conversation, we are here for you - Everyday in person and real!

One and Done

High Tech - High Touch

We Mean Business

Everyday - Every Time - Guaranteed


Background Check Services

Access to background checks

1. Criminal

2. Sex Offender

3. Social Security Number Verification

4. Address Check History

5. Terrorist Search


Motor Vehicle Reports

Access to discounted driving reports that include:

1. All Personal Identifiers

2. Offenses and Citations for 3-7 years

 You will be able to immediately identify high risk drivers!


*Service provided to USLI policy holders